Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Distress Inks - new convert

Back in April I had a whinge about Distress inkpads and how unhappy I was with them. Lots of you replied with all sorts of hints and advice and were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the Distress Inkpads.
So I thought I give them another try and treated myself to some mini Distress Inkpads. They are so good! Lovely colours and juicy ink! I now understand why you all love them. These inkpads and a waterpen are a dream to work with.
I realise now that the first Distress Inkpads that I bought were already old. They were dryish and curled up at the edges. Being new to stamping at the time I didn't know this was not how they should be.
They were bought, at a discount, at a craft fair in Farnborough.
While I am aware that you get what you pay for, I am nonetheless disappointed that I was ripped off and that I have had a negative view of these products because of that.
I am now a convert.
Watch this space.........................